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Emerge Lynx 365 (eLynx365) provides support services, in a team relation with affiliate, to the underutilized & underserved small businesses. Some of the support services include Advocacy, eProcurement, Bid Alert, Auction Trade, Professional Training, Market Research, Business Development & Support, CEO Roundtable and Consulting services. A small business is defined by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA). The SBA guidelines are utilized to work the small and diversity business framework. These services, commonly available to only the largest companies, are exclusively offered to small and mid-sized privately held companies according to SBA standard sizes.

eLynx365 was founded in 2011 by Roderick Blount, a graduate from Tennessee State University. His undergraduate degree is in Accounting with an advance Masters degree in Information Technology. In short his business ownership covers Technology (software and hardware), Logistic services, Telecom services and Leadership development. The founder and the team sought to revolutionize the diversity business industry with government practices as it relates to access to business services and procurement development.  eLynx365 can do just that within its business model.  The base of the concept was generated in the 1995 White House conference as a delegate and the conference was based upon Diversity policies, which resulted in the need to expand and make available Diversity resources for the small underutilized and underserved minority owned businesses.

If you are looking for a better solution to improving your company's business sales, profit or cash-flow, management, company performance..... eLynx365 is more than just another social media networking company and consulting business. We provide REVENUE PROGRESS by providing impeccable business solutions. 


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